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Intelligence Dynamics LLC
Intelligent Solutions to Dynamic Challenges

Commercial Technology Assessment

Intelligence Dynamics provides key services that help our commercial domain customers improve their understanding and of the government domain and its intricacies. We help them target their offerings to specific customers, identify appropriate and relevant targets for penetration with existing capabilities, identify changes or enhancements that would enable improved penetration of the specified government agency(ies).

Understanding of the peculiarities and constraints that are endemic to entering the government and especially the National Security arena. Helping our clients to understand the government contracting, budget and security environments, including:

·         Identifying and addressing the issues of foreign ownership participation and control

·         Benefits of changes to organizational construct, with “firewalled” or segmented government contracting entities

·         Pricing and licensing issues, concerns and complexities

·         Contracting specific issues from invoicing to contracting/subcontracting

·         Budgeting from identifying and scoping funding to budget planning and forecasting.

·         Understanding and planning for Security requirements, challenges and implications for:

o    Systems

o    Application

o    Personnel

o    Facility

·         Understanding the government planning and decision process and the timelines they engender –which is always a culture shock to the commercial clients


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