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Intelligence Dynamics LLC
Intelligent Solutions to Dynamic Challenges

Technology and Engineering

Intelligence Dynamics applies critical domain, mission and technology expertise to assist its clients in identifying, defining, scoping and addressing key problems and providing prompt, focused and innovative solutions to mission critical issues and to emerging challenges for clients in the intelligence, counterterrorism and defense communities.

Provides Engineering expertise in architecture development, technology insertion, system integration, and cross-platform interoperability, including the ability to work with legacy, mature and emerging information systems technologies across the client domains This support enables our clients to identify, design and implement initiatives that significantly improve mission effectiveness, community leadership and organizational performance.

·         Technology Assessment and Insertion

o    Aiding Our Government Clients to Leverage the Full Capabilities of the Commercial World.

·         Commercial Technology Assessments

o    Helping Commercial Clients Understand the Government Domain

·         Systems Engineering

o    Full Lifecycle Management


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